ROOMS: May 1st-Oct 9th
GIFT SHOP: May 1st-Oct 9th/8-5:30 daily
CAFE: May 1st-Oct 9th/8-5:30 daily 
DINING CAR: June 26th-Sept 26th/8am-11am daily, 4pm-7pm/Wed & Fri (take-out only!)


  • Take-out breakfast daily from our dining car 8am-11am daily, June 26th-Sept 26th

  • Take-out evening meals with dynamic menus from our dining car on Wednesday & Friday evenings from 4pm-7pm.
    June 25thth-Sept 24th
    (For the Wed & Fri evening menu see The Dining Car Facebook the day of the live music)

  • Hot & cold drinks with baked goods from our cafe 8am-5:30pm daily, May 1st-Oct 9th


  • Every Wednesday & Friday evening with bar service on the platform 5:30pm-7:30pm, June 25thth-Sept 24th (weather permitting).

2021 DATES

June 25: Drew Polegato

July 2: Kevin Aitchison

July 9: The Brew Boys

July 16: Kevin Aitchison

July 21: The Brew Boys

July 23: Drew Polegato

July 28: True Grit

July 30: Kevin Aitchison

Aug 4: Jonny & Jamie

Aug 6: Drew Polegato

Aug 11: Jonny & Jamie

Aug 13: Kevin Aitchison

Aug 18: True Grit

Aug 20: The Brew Boys

Aug 25: Jake Duggan

Aug 27: Kevin Aitchison

Sept 1: True Grit

Sept 3: Chris Maclean

Sept 8: Susan & Kathy

Sept 10: Kevin Aitchison

Sept 15: Drew Polegato

Sept 17: Jim King

Sept 22: Chris Maclean

Sept 24: The Brew Boys